Green Lights EP


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"A project about following your passions and stopping at nothing. Through heartbreak and hookups this EP is his best work yet." - The Lyrics Iniitiative


released December 6, 2016

Production by JSTMKY
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Lyrics Studio by Eddy Vocals



all rights reserved


SYKES Victoria, British Columbia

SYKES is a 23 year old Canadian hip hop artist & producer from Victoria BC, Canada.

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Track Name: No Thing (Prod. JSTMKY)
Verse 1
See me motoring life is like a photo lens
Make a movie feel that energy and hold it in
I might just let it go I guess you never know
I might just let it snow and leave em in the cold again
This shit is dope you might as well go put the soda in
Goin' in I’ve learned everything I need to know to win
Knowledge is priceless the kid is the nicest
I wanna do some bigger things real life shit
Man whats with all these people so lifeless
Live life keep in mind time’s priceless
Be advised if you watching me you gonna see the rise
I go by and people follow me like Mona Lisa’s eyes
We survived through the doubt and hate now I can see the lies
We going up we got shit money can’t even buy
And it feels good I finally realized
My full potential told myself don’t be surprised it’s no thing

Yeah we got everything we need
Tonight everything is on me
I promise it’s no thing
Everything is good with me
Cuz the haters have to see me succeed
And do it like it’s no thing

Verse 2
I told my homies we can’t wait no more we gotta go
Been working hard you might not think I’ve got a lot to show
But everyday I’ve been accumulating profits so
That I can show the world what I’m about because they’ve got to know
I guess Im different never fit in with the college kids
And I’ve never been the smartest man I’m not a wiz
Teachers used to say I don’t know what his problem is
I used to hold on my emotions keep them bottled in
But I knew that I was different in a good way
I just used to overthink what I should say
I always felt like I had something to give back
I always felt like I could have a dream and live that
And do it like it wasn’t a thing
I remember as a kid when my mother would sing
And tell me you can do whatever you want you can be anything
Story of a boy that’s becoming a king, it’s no thing


Verse 3
No joking I just take action no hoping
The possibilities are so open, yeah
Sun rise sun set my work still aint done yet
I’m just getting started I aint even having fun yet
One step closer to my dreams with every line that I write down
Hotter than the barrel of a gun get
Let the smoke clear see my vision so clear
No jealousy no greed and no fear
I’m taking over the whole year it’s all mine
And my whole team coming cuz we all grind
Yeah I’m an all star my flow is all time
I paint classic masterpieces you just draw lines
That’s the difference between us a pigeon to a phoenix
Nicest guy just spits the meanest damn the kid’s a genius
Yeah I saw it coming can’t deny you gotta love it
What you drinking? We could get a bottle of it girl it’s no thing

Track Name: Years Of Life (Prod. JSTMKY)
Thinking back on all the years of life we sacrificed
The feeling afterwards is not what I imagined like
I really loved you but I put this shit above you
Guess in a way I always knew this is what it would come to

Verse 1
I thought of you and wrote a few words
I couldn’t give you what I knew you deserved
So I left don’t cry though I know that it hurts
It gets harder every time I think I’m over the worst
I’m just trying to keep busy I’ll let you know if it works
I remember that morning I seen you holding my shirt
There’s tear drops on the sleeve say your’e not gonna leave
Trying to live my life without you seems impossible please don’t go
You watched me turn my back walk out the door and leave slow
How the hell you let one of reasons that you breathe go
I used to let you cry on my shoulder
Yo how the hell you say goodbye when it’s over I wanna know
Then we meet up so we can try to get closure, said how you been?
I said I’ve been more high and less sober where to begin
The sun is out I close the blinds I like it dark inside
I couldn’t give you everything you’ll never know how hard I tried


Verse 2
I woke up thinking bout you got a hold on my mind
So many things to think through but we got so little time
And I know you probably think that I crossed over the line
I didn’t want to make it hard I hope you know that I’m trying
I only wish that there was something I could give back
I only say it’s fucked up cuz it is that
No one deserves this didn’t do it on purpose
Feel like I just left you in the cold with no furnace
No words it’s, so difficult to try to move on
Don’t want to do wrong but that’s just how it felt for too long
But I know that you won’t let it fuck you up you’re too strong
I’m trying to figure out how my life will look with you gone
I know it’s hard but don’t cry just want you to know I
Really tried but had to focus on myself I won’t lie
It was the hardest thing I ever had to do to let you go
I just thought I’d write this song just so I could let you know that I’ve been

Track Name: Summer Back (Prod. JSTMKY)
They love that live life run that
I just wrote a hundred tracks I just want the summer back
Hey what’s in your cup? Homie give me some of that
Gone I aint coming back I just want the summer back

Verse 1
It’s all good feeling like we all should
Lets go in and get t cuz I know for sure we all could
Feel me when the bass drop take a lot of breaks, not
Swear to God this shit is gon’ be different when my tape drops
Young fresh hating on the boy but you done less
And I got that flow that you know you don’t wanna come test
Clock race see the seconds ticking on my watch face
Fuckin with someone that really got it and it’s not safe
I only play to win you haters acting lame again
Shit that I am made of swear to God it won’t be made again
Ridiculous you hearing this shit? I’m serious with it
Fearing no limits the money will be here in a minute
Cuz when you figure out these connections in life it doesn’t stop
Power house juggernaut I’m heading for the fucking top
Can’t really lie about it I still fall in love a lot
Spend my whole life trying to get up off the ground and brush it off


Verse 2
This what I’ve been working all summer for
Type of shit I’m ready for
I’ve been I’ve been trying to get up off the floor when people said there would be more
Didn’t believe em’ gave up on myself was heading for the door
And I was never really sure bout whatever I was doing
But knew this was worth pursuing, only thing I ever wanted
So I’m living life man this shit ain’t something that you’re given twice
People that don’t know shit really seem to love to give advice
Fuck you fuck that I’m living on my own terms
Foot is on the gas I’m going straight and taking no turns
That’s true shit I though I told you
The new me aint fuckin with the old you
Nice guy but can also be a cold dude
Sykes serving up another dish of soul food
Just another rap gone I aint coming back
I just want the motherfuckin summer back

Track Name: Hands On Me (Prod. JSTMKY)
I know you got a man but your man’s not me
Lose my mind every time you put your hands on me
Girl we can take a trip tell me where you wanna see
We aint gotta label nothin whatever you wanna be
I know you got a man but your man’s not me
Lose my mind every time you put your hands on me
Girl why you overthinking worried what it might be
When you know that you aint ever met nobody like me

Verse 1
You was at the bar when I spotted you from a far
And something about you got me wondering who you are
And this alcohol making it hard to think
But I walked over to you and asked if you want a drink
And you smiled and kindly declined but that’s fine
Let me talk with you a minute maybe I can change your mind
I look into your eyes and I can see right through
I think I’ve been looking for somebody just like you
And trust me, I can show you things that you’ve never seen
Me and you together I couldn’t picture a better team
Just trying to prove I’m not your average guy
No Im’a ask you a question and you don’t have to reply
But what would happen if I leaned in and kissed you?
Cuz when you talk I can’t stop watching the way your lips move
Would that be an issue? It’d probably be fine right?
Either way I know you’ll let it happen when the time’s right


Verse 2
Dancing in the club all night ’til the lights on
I gotta say one more thing before the nights gone
It’s all good you can take your time
But just for one night I’m trying to make you mine
I’ll show you what you’ve been missing bring fantasies to fruition
When it’s all said and done I’m the one who you missing
When you’re alone, when I pick up the phone you know I’ll listen
But I’m not the one that you come home to, you dissin’
Everything about your man girl your man’s not me
That’s why your’e here tryin’ to put your hands on me
But tell me, what’s gonna happen when your man finds out?
I don’t know if I wanna stick around to find out, but
Maybe it’s worth it ‘cause you’re basically perfect
Baby you got me goin’ crazy with the way that you work it
Maybe it’s meant to be, but I don’t wanna overthink
You aint gotta worry bout it girl just pour another drink, ‘cause

Track Name: The Truth Hurts (Prod. JSTMKY)
Verse 1
Everyone around me stuck I knew I wanted more
All I want is to become a hip hop connoisseur
But these everyday distractions keep on knocking at my door
I found meaning but I doubted it I wanted to be sure
And people quick to judge him I just hope I rise above ‘em
Guess my problem is I care too much they diss me I still love ‘em
There’s probably a dozen reasons I should leave alone
All this shit, but these thoughts up in my head they need a home
So I put them in these poems, and hope they make a mark
Spill my heart on the page leave it for you to break apart
If it wasn’t for this music I’d be drinking every night
Used to struggle with temptation now I know I gotta fight
Cuz I know that shit aint right but it’s hard for me believe me
But still everyday I sit alone and write, this shit aint easy
But I know it’s gonna take me where I’m going so I do it
But I swear to God right now I’m going through it

I just wanna fly away from truth cuz the truth hurts
Fly away from view where do I go from here?
Fly away from truth what do I do first?
Fly away from view just wanna fly away
Fly away from truth cuz the truth hurts
Fly away from view and I just wanna
Fly away from truth cuz the truth hurts
Fly away form view

Verse 2
People say I get invested too quick into women
I just got a lot of love I wanna show what I can give them
Or maybe I’m just insecure, trying to find love
Before my life begins to blur I don’t know anything for sure
And now I’m texting you I’ll give you what you want in every way
The truth is I still think about my ex like everyday
Is it wrong that I want something more?
Solve one problem cause 100 more honestly I don’t know what I’m running for
Know this what want so tell me why I;m so conflicted
This is turning out to be more difficult that I predicted
Overthinking every situation see what’s not depicted
I’m addicted to the stories that my own mind has scripted
I’m lifted, drifting off I’m trying to get my head straight
I carry you with me on my brain like dead weight
You’re always on my mind I think about you all the time
Tell me are these thoughts up your head or are they all in mine?


Verse 3
Everyday I’m grinding I just gotta stay determined
Yeah I may have started sow but I’ve gotta say I’m learning
I really feel like this shit is my destiny was meant for me
The plan for my life that the universe has sent for me
Still aint made it happen yet I know I will eventually
But time’s been flying by so fast and honestly a century
Is not a lot of time, when I think about my folks
How much time do they have left and when they’re gone how will I cope?
Before that I wanna send them ‘round the world on a boat
So they know how much that I appreciate them ‘cause they don't
But I can’t ‘cause I’m a victim to the system so I’m broke
So sick of stressing seven days a week having to choke
Down these words up in my throat while I’m working at this job
But I still have hope that I can stray away and play the odds
I don’t believe in God but I’m praying to him anyway
I’ve been working hard I swear this shit could pop off any day

Track Name: Green Lights (Prod. JSTMKY)
Verse 1
What’s up world? Here I am I’m yours to judge
Could give a fuck what you think about me that make you mad? Yeah I hope it does
Really hope it does they showed me hate I’ma show ‘em love
I’ll do this shit like no one did it I really care like no one does
Yeah ok on a mission dawg I don’t play
Won’t let nothing get in my way won’t let nothing get in my way
I’m just doin’ me and that’s real let me show you just how that feel
Man I’ve been hungry I’m still hungry still chasing after that meal
Aint made it yet but looking back to be honest I’m glad
‘Cause it’s all a test the truth is if you give up on your dream you didn’t want it that bad
I’m chasing it aint got much time aint wasting it
Everybody sleeping on my level but I’m chillin’
‘Cause I know I’m gonna get it so I’m living in the moment and embracing it
I told my girl I don’t got the time now all I got is this book of rhymes
I dare someone to try to stop the shine damn the future sure looking fine
That’s true shit I can’t wait long nights making beats I’m back late
Something’s wrong if nobody’s hatin’ so if you dissin’ me then that’s great

Everybody know
That you can’t stop my drive got green lights in my eyes
All I do is go
Everybody everybody know I just can’t stop no lie
All green lights pedal to the metal
I want it all and I’m never gonna settle
Whole team right you were never on our level
Gotta give a shoutout to my haters though.. Hello

Verse 2
Will I make it still I don’t know pushing hard and still I won’t slow
This the only thing that I know if I’m tired still it won’t show
Might risk it all put on the line I’ve been patient know it’s all in time
I been workin’ on the grind happiness what I gotta find
I got these demons inside me whatever I do I won’t let them take hold of me
I told the world that I’m no longer scared I’m about to come take what you owe to me
I wanna see what you’ve been holding back all the levels you still haven’t showed to me
When I started growing the ones that were close to me they were the ones that got cold on me
It seems the ones that know the least will give the most advice
Life’s a gamble roll the dice I play the game I know the price
All green lights really all that I can see
I strive to be all I can be I hear that money calling me
And I’m ballin’ I’m going everyday man I aint stallin’ I follow my dreams ‘cause I know that they’re calling
They looking at me like this shit is appalling you now that I’m all in you know I aint leaving
I’m hear for the long run you’re here for the season that’s tough but it’s true though
Can’t stop my drive green lights in my eyes truth is all I do is go